Active Iron Tonic 500ml

Active Iron Tonic

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Product Description

Iron is an essential component for the substance haemoglobin which causes the red blood cells to be transported to all parts of the pigeons body.

This is of great importance in times of increased physical activity, such as flight, breeding and moulting.

In young pigeons, one of the most common problems is iron deficiency, this results in a shortage of haemoglobin and poor metabolism.

Even the most healthy looking pigeons will see significant benefits from the regular use of our Active Iron Tonic.


Use 5ml with 1 litre of drinking water, administer twice per week during breeding.

2 weeks before the start of the racing season 3 times a week 5 ml. in 1 litre. drinking water.

If used for treatment, 10 ml to 1 litre of drinking water for 10 days.

Technical Information

Product Type Liquid
Size 500 ML
QTY 1 Bottle