CPM 500ml

Calcium Fosfor Magnesium 500ml

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CPM contains Calcium, Fosfor and Magnesium
Available in 500ml bottles
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Product Description

CPM is a sophisticated blend of high quality raw materials including magnesium, calcium and phosphorus.

These materials are important for birds that limp, without force and skewed fly.

It often happens that pigeons in the season, no-longer work out well after a few flights and become listless and without will power to fly, or have been, after the winter time more or less strained when they again get freedom.

When this happens, the desire to fly will decrease and it seems that the strength, passion and motivation is gone.

CPM gives the pigeons throughout the year that strength, flight and vitality back.

In addition, the raw materials of interest when pigeons lay poor or nearly eggs.

CPM can provide several times a week on the diet or in the drinking water.

Over the food gives you 10 ml. Enter let you dehydrate before giving it or sprinkle with powdered brewer's yeast or vitamin. 500 grams

Technical Information

Product Type Liquid
Size 500 ML
QTY 1 Bottle