Sport French Maize Basic 25Kg

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An energy-rich composition promoting excellent racing performances and optimal muscle build-up

• Excellent racing performances
• Easily digested proteins
• Energy-rich carbohydrates and fats
• Optimal muscle build-up

Product Description

A basic sport mixture composition with energy-rich carbohydrates and fats. Optimal muscle build-up with easily digested proteins, promoting an excellent racing performance.


40% French Yellow Cribs Maize, 10% Yellow Peas, 12% Wheat, 8% Dari, 7% Cardy / Safflower Seed, 5% Tares, 5% Green Peas, 5% Maple Peas, 4% Milo Red, 4% Small Seeds and Grains.


Crude Protein: 13.67
Crude Fat: 6.02
Crude Carbohydrates: 50.88
Crude Ashes: 1.92
Crude Fibers: 5.31

Technical Information

Product Type Corn / Seeds
Crude Protein 13.67
Crude Fat 6.02
Carbohydrates 50.88
Crude Ash 1.92
Crude Fiber 5.31
Shipping Group CORN