Depurative Special 25Kg

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25Kg bag of our depurative special continental mixture.

• Rich in carbohydrates
• Easily digestible
• Restores the balance of the digestive system
• Can also be used in combination with "Trend" and "Basic" Mixtures

Product Description

Easily digestible mix that is rich in carbohydrates, helps to restore the digestive system balance.

An easily digested, high fibre mix to feed during recovery or resting periods

Rich in carbohydrates
With 15% sorghum
Restores the balance of the digestive system

Overview article references
105104725 25 kg
Barley 40%
Wheat 20%
Safflower seed 10%
Dari 10%
Paddy rice 10%
Milo 5%
Peeled oats 1%
Black rapeseed 1%
Linseed 1%
Millet yellow 1%
Canaryseed 1%
Analytical constituants
Crude protein 10.89%
Crude fat 5.45%
Crude ash 2.28%
Crude fibre 7.16%
Carbohydrates 61.12%

Technical Information

Product Type Corn / Seeds
Crude Protein 10.89
Crude Fat 5.45
Carbohydrates 61.12
Crude Ash 2.28
Crude Fiber 7.16
Shipping Group CORN