Finesse Light 20Kg

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  • Finesse Light 20Kg
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A natural finesse mixture rich in carbohydrates, protein and fiber.
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Product Description

Has low protein contents
Has a purifying effect With paddy rice: rich in fibres + rich in vitamin B
- has a higher nutritional value than barley
- is digested better than barley by pigeons

Has an ideal energetic value
In the past, pigeon fanciers mainly used “barley” as the barometer in the mixtures to find out when the pigeons were satisfied (the barley was left behind), today pigeon fanciers prefer to feed a light mixture such as Finesse Light.
Use with young birds three weeks after weaning in combination with Finesse Start.
Instructions for use: see feeding schedules in combination with flight distances.

Contents listed below:

Safflower Seed 20%, White Dari 18%, Paddy Rice 15%, Wheat 10%, Bordeaux Maize 7.5%, Cribs Maize 7.5%, Popcorn Maize 7.5%, Milocorn 5%, Mungbeans 2.5%, Canaryseed 1.75%, Linseed 1.75%, Black Rapeseed 1.75%, Millet 1.75%


Crude Protein: 10.9%
Crude Fat: 9%
Carbohydrates 63.7%
Crude Ash: 2.4%
Crude Fiber 9.7%

Technical Information

Product Type Corn / Seeds
Crude Protein No
Crude Fat No
Carbohydrates No
Crude Ash No
Crude Fiber No
Shipping Group CORN