Finesse Mineral Mix 20KG

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• A "total supply" of minerals in one single product

Product Description

Finesse Mineral Mix is a mineral feed for pigeons and provides a "total supply" of minerals in one single product. This unique mineral mix contains a large number of different ingredients of natural origin, supplemented with small seeds, charcoal, egg food, vitamineral and oregano.
Purified charcoal improves digestion and absorbs unwanted substances in the intestines, if any.

Composition: Red stone, sea shells, oyster grit, grinding stones, calcium carbonate, dicalcium phosphate, sodium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, zeolite and coral, vegeta-ble oil and fat, canary seeds, peeled oats, black rapeseed, millet, linseed, rapeseed, charcoal, products from bakery and pasta industry, egg products dried, soya protein concentrate, sugars (sucrose, glucose, maltose and fructose), oregano.

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