Moulting Maxi 25kg

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Highly varied moulting mix with 26 different ingredients.
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• A highly varied moulting mix
• With cribs maize (high germination power)
• 26 different ingredients
• Rich in moult activating seeds
• Improves feather building

Product Description

Our Natural Moulting Maxi is a highly varied moulting mix with cribs maize (high germination power) and 26 different ingredients.

It is rich in moult activating seeds and improves feather building.

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15% French Yellow Cribs Maize, 11.5% Dari, 10% Wheat, 8% Yellow Peas, 8% Green Peas, 7.5% Cardy/Safflower Seed, 5.5% Small Seeds and Grains, 5% Maize Orange, 5% Barley, 5% Milo Red, 5% Tares, 4% Moult Promoting Seeds, 3% Paddy Rice, 2.5% Dunpeas, 2.5% Mungbeans / Katjang Idjoe, 2.5% Maple Peas.

Crude Protein 14.77, Crude Fat 7.73, Crude Carbohydrates 47.03, Crude Ashes 2.29, Crude Fibers 6.68.

Technical Information

Product Type Corn / Seeds
Crude Protein 14.77
Crude Fat 7.73
Carbohydrates 47.03
Crude Ash 2.29
Crude Fiber 6.68
Shipping Group CORN