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-Better immune response
-Improved oxygen transport
-Better muscle functions
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Product Description


The sport of pigeon racing is becoming more and more professional. This means to be successful all the requirements have to be optimised. Fanciers need to keep their pigeons at an optimum and also as simply as possible. To optimize all feeding systems we have created a new product called Winput. Winput is recommended for all the different feeding systems and fanciers can use Winput all over the world. Winput is the result of years of Research for a consistent and systematic supplement developed to optimize health and performance of the racing pigeon all year round. Essential nutrients, additives and active substances are combined and coated as a pellet using a patented process.
A mixture of pigeon grains will not cover all the needed nutrients alone. Daily addition of Winput in combination with seasonal conventional grains will benefit your pigeons every day. Winput will help to secure the efficiency of all the essential and functional metabolism processes.

This is a pre-condition for
• Top health and condition.
• A powerful immune system.
• The breeding of first class youngsters.
• An optimal moult and racing season.

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Winput - the ultimate “All-Round Protector” makes this possible.

Winput contains a balance of all the essential Vitamins, Minerals, Trace Elements and Amino Acids required for racing pigeons.

A stable digestive tract

Scientific studies show, that special fibrous materials can significantly enlarge the intestinal villus, increasing enzyme activity. Improved protein absorption and food conversion also hinders the colonization of the dreaded E.Coli bacteria within the small intestine. This assists the prophylaxis of diseases in particular (Youngbird disease) where E.Coli takes the destroying role.

Winput and Youngbird disease

Winput contains functional aromas which help by improving feed in-take. In addition we know that Allicin is the most effective natural bactericidal we have. Unfortunately Allicin from garlic extract is not stable, therefore we use freeze-dried garlic in Winput. The enzymatic catalysis of allicin in the crop of the pigeon leads to a bactericidal effect. In the case of sickness (youngbird disease) Allicin helps to recover digestion and intestinal stabilization. Feeding experiments carried out while pigeons have acute problems with Youngbird disease verified a significantly faster healing process. Winput also contains Pre-biotic ingredients which support the colonization of positive Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium in the digestion tract promoting healthier pigeons all year round.

The increase red blood cells

Winput also contains organic bound iron that helps enhance the formation of red blood corpuscles during and after strenuous training.

One of the main ingredients of Winput is BIOSFOUR B4®. This improves the diet with a balanced amount of cleaned PSB (Phosphate Sugar Base), cleaned RNA and organic acids which supply the basic nutrients for cell growth. Increasing the speed of cell division relative to its genetic potential. BIOSFOUR_B4® strengthens the immune system and optimizes the specific immune reaction. It is also an immune facilitator and as such helps the immune system to react quickly, specifically and efficiently, without wasting energy on the production of unnecessary defence processes. This leads to a measurable increase of high vitality, high immune activity and high overall performance. The Basic requirement for this optimization process is the sufficient supply of the “building materials” needed for cell division. Winput supplies to the organism exactly those substances (PSB) in a usable form needed for cell growth, and therefore supports the health of pigeons. This strengthens vitality,and shortens the regenerative phases after physical strain which provides in this way, the basis of high performance. Test results performed by universities and colleges, as well as field studies have proven this.

Enhances of the Immune system mean -
• Fast and efficient immune response through: Acceleration of the cell division processes, Boosting of the active Immunoglobulin Cells,(Macrophage, Killercells, Lymphocytes) which are involved in Immune response.
• Decreases death rate of young birds through faster development of the adaptive Immune System
• Increased resistibility through: lighter immune reaction towards multiple infections (young-bird-disease and secondaries etc).
• Better immune protection through vaccination with increased production of Anti-bodies

Increases Fertility with
• More high quality sperms
• High-grade Oozytes
• High motility of sperms
• Improves structure of egg yolk and Egg shell (enhances quality )

Improves flight performance by
• improving oxygen transport in blood through:
• increased quantity of red blood corpuscles
• Lower metabolism through:
• lessened accumulation of harmful metabolic products
• i.e. lactic acid through high physical stress
• Enhances muscle performance
• Fast relaxation after physical performance through lightened energy recovery

Accelerates the Healing Process
• Fast healing of outer wounds after injury
• improves regeneration of tissues or organs following mechanical or chemical defects.
• improves regeneration affecting liver cells (i.e.: after toxin exposure)

Improves the growth process
• Enhances nutrient digestion through: enlargement of the intestinal villus and surface.
• Stable intestinal flora through:
• increased positive Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium
• Displacement of negative colibacillus germs
• Improves muscle forming and muscle function
• Lightens Bone structure

Usage recommendations:
Depending on the season, Winput is fed daily in different quantities. Winput is advisable to be fed before the conventional mixture. Due to experience, this product should be fed at first together with a seed mixture (see below). ie 1 Cup of Winput with 2 Cups of seed mixtures, Proportional measurement is 1:2. We recommend to feed this Mixture daily before feeding the actual Grains.

Feeding recommendation:
BREEDERS 2 grams daily
RACING From the beginning of the race season 3 – 4 grams daily
YOUNG BIRDS 3 grams daily per pigeon (maximum 6 grams)
ACUTE YOUNG BIRD DISEASE (Vomiting, green excrement)
10 grams per pigeon mornings and evenings for 2 days but no longer than 5 days.
(there are no other feeds allowed)
MOULTING 2 grams daily
WINTER 1 gram daily

Technical Information

Product Type Powder
Size 3 Kg
Shipping Group M