Siskin Basic 15Kg

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• A special mixture for all types of siskins, fulfilling the needs in an optimal way
• Contains a lot of special seeds with high germination power

Product Description

A Special mixture for all types of siskins. These mixtures contain a lot of special seeds and nigerseed with a high germination power. These mixtures fulfil the special needs of all kinds of siskins in an optimal way.


40% Nigerseed, 12% Canaryseed, 10% Grass Seed, 10% Perilla White, 10% Lettuce Seed White, 5% Linseed Yellow, 5% Sesameseed, 1.5% Radish Seed, 1.5% Carrot Seed, 1.25% Poppyseed, 1.25% Onion Seed, 1.25% Spinach Seed, 1.25% Clover Seed.


Crude Protein: 20.40%
Crude Fat: 31.10%
Crude Fibre: 12.10%
Crude Ash: 3.80%
Calcium: 0.33%
Phosphor: 0.55%

Technical Information

Product Type Corn / Seeds
Crude Protein 20.40%
Crude Fat 31.10%
Crude Ash 3.80%
Crude Fiber 12.10%
Calcium 0.33%
Phosphor 0.55%
Shipping Group CORN