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Insect repellent • plumage care • skin care
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Product Description

Badesalz (Bath salt) Bath salt is recommend for all times of the year and especially during moult. Dust, skin residue and dander, bad feathers and down are loosened, which promotes new feather growth and cares for the skin. This pigeons will have a shiny, silky plumage and it also acts against mites, bird lice and other parasites. • Bathing pigeons is healthy and is required in all seasons • It counteracted Mites, feather lice and other parasites • This Badesalz especially removes dust, skin residues and danders especially during the moulting period • Bad feathers and downs would be easily dissolved and promotes the feather structure Application: 1 measuring spoon, ca. 20g Badesalz mixed with 10 litre water. Depending on the weather, pigeons should be offered to take a bath for 1-2 times per week.

*Pre Order Today*

Estimated back in stock: 7th July 2020  31st July 2020

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Technical Information

Product Type Powder
Size 750 Grams
Shipping Group M