Brewers Yeast / Seaweed

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Brewer’s Yeast/Seaweed is a natural oral powder to increase the condition and stamina of your racing pigeons. Brewer’s Yeast/Seaweed is rich in the essential natural vitamins including the B Compex, Proteins, Minerals, trace elements, and Amino Acids. 500g Sachet mixed into feed 2 x a week at the recommended dose.

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Product Description

Brewer’s Yeast/Seaweed is a natural food with health promoting properties. Brewer’s yeast+ Seaweed is rich in natural vitamins (including the B Complex), minerals, proteins, amino acids, and trace elements. These are important for the condition and form of your pigeons. Give your Pigeons Brewer’s Yeast/Seaweed at least once a week all year round. This powder creates better condition and stamina in your birds. Dosage: • 25 grams (about 1 heaped soup spoon) over feed for 1-2 days a week= quantity for 40-50 Racing Pigeons. Advice For Use: o Store dry, out of reach of direct sunlight. Packaging: 100 gram sachet Dose: 5 g for 10 kg of body weight (= 20 pigeons).

Technical Information

Product Type Powder
Size 500 Grams
Shipping Group M