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Maintain naturally healthy pigeons and better performance all year round. Economical in use.

For healthy intestines.
Better digestion.
Healthier respiratory tract.
Greater desire to exercise.
More down.
Beautiful droppings.

Recommended and used by Tom and Marnik Van Gaver: Tom: "Daflor 3 in 1 mix has the ideal composition to provide the pigeons with perfect healthy support all year round."
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Product Description


Recommended by Leading racing pigeon flyers Tom and Marnik Van Gaver (TVG Pigeons)

3 in 1 mix has the ideal composition to provide the pigeons with perfect healthy support all year round.

Daflor products are already recommended by several veterinarians specialized in pigeons. Many top fanciers in Europe already use our products.

Daflor 3 in 1 Mix is a broad-spectrum supplement for pigeons to support general health. At the same time it also strengthens the immune system, stimulates appetite, increases performance and ensures optimal intestinal health. The Mix has been on the market for a number of years now with a large number of satisfied customers from all over Europe to America, Canada, ... including both professional and hobby pigeon fanciers. Due to new scientific studies, natural health supporting products are becoming increasingly effective and of course we at Bio-health do follow the new market evolutions. Among other things, a higher dose of cinnamaldehyde (the active substance in cinnamon) was added to the original Mix.
Cinnamaldehyde is known as the N° N 1 of the SUPERFOODS, has antibacterial and indirect antiviral effects, is afungicide, is anti-parasitic, stimulates feed intake, promotes digestion, strengthens the immune system and keeps the intestine healthy.
*Scientific studies confirm that cinnamaldehyde could also be used to develop a drug against trichomonas, among other things.
*According to other sources, cinnamon also has a protective effect against young pigeon disease.
*Pseudomonas Aeruginosa bacteria (bully bacteria) can be the cause of disorientation in pigeons, according to veterinarian Peter Boskamp. Cinnamaldehyde is said to inhibit the growth of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa
High fertilization rate, young pigeons grow like crazy with nice droppings around the breeding bowls. We also notice during weaning that the young pigeons have no problem finding the drinking water (probably due to the pleasant smell).
The moulting period is a difficult period for the pigeons, making them very sensitive to all kinds of conditions. Even during this difficult period, Daflor 3 in 1 Mix provides great support so that they can get through the moult without any problems.
Young pigeons
In the test lofts the weaned young pigeons were particularly lively and active, went through their first moult without any problems and had a big appetite. After the moult, no trichomonas, coccidiosis or worms were found during a check by the vet. Their nose caps and eye rims were chalk white and their appetite for training was enormous.
Adult Pigeons.
Daflor 3 in 1 mix has the ideal composition to provide the pigeons with perfect healthy support to enable increased race performance.

Daflor 3 in 1 Mix is a high-quality supplementary feed intended for pigeons. Developed in collaboration with international companies specialized in research and development of innovative products where intestinal health is crucial. Daflor products are extensively tested in collaboration with specialized veterinarians, pigeon competitors and breeders.

A highly developed intestinal mucosa and microbiome are very important for this. It protects the organism while simultaneously preventing the excessive occurrence of parasites, viruses, bacteria. Healthy intestines enable the absorption of essential nutrients, promote vitality, and contribute to the development of strong immunity.

Daily, all year round, all pigeons (breeding, aviary, fly, youngsters, etc.) 1.5 – 2,0 ml/L drinking water. Can be mixed with all natural products, tea, herbal elixirs, amino acids, vitamins, etc. Only on the day of basketing do we opt not to use 3 in 1 Mix. Shake before use.

Technical Information

Product Type Liquid
Size 500 ML
Shipping Group M