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* Reliable, fast-acting & long-lasting: Highly effective insect killer with long-term effect against all crawling & flying insects.

*Scope of delivery: 1 x Mitex insecticide concentrate (1000 ml) as liquid pest killer with permethrin and cypermethrin – in best quality from Röhnfried

* Multifunctional: Reliable insecticide for versatile pest control – especially against mites, ants, fleas, lice, flies, ticks & other parasites.

*Effectiveness: Very strong paralysis & rapid killing of pests due to specially improved combination of active ingredients – highly effective & reliable

* Application: Suitable for direct application to affected areas, spraying of the surrounding area or spraying of the entire barn
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Product Description

Röhnfried Mitex insecticide concentrate (1000 ml) as a liquid insecticide against all harmful insects.
The liquid insecticide with long-term effect is ideally suited for the reliable and highly effective control of all crawling and flying insects.
It has proven particularly effective against red bird mites, ants, fleas, lice, flies, ticks, mosquitoes and other insect pests.
Due to the special combination of active ingredients, the insecticide also benefits from a very strong paralysis and rapid killing of the vermin,
but at the same time has a low warm-blooded toxicity. The concentrate for vermin is ideally suited as a miticide for chickens and birds.

Light infestation: 100 ml Mitex per 2 L water.
Heavy infestation: 100 ml Mitex per 100 ml water
Mitex can be applied undiluted to corner areas, crevices and perches.
Direct application of the solution to stable objects or spraying of the entire stable
Remove animals, feeding troughs and drinking troughs from the barn while spraying until dry
Ensure good ventilation during application

Active ingredients per 1000 ml:
Cypermethrin (26.35 g), permethrin (26.35 g), tetramethrin (19 g), piperonyl butoxide (27.5 g)

As one of the first suppliers of supplementary feeds for pigeons, poultry and rabbits in Germany, the Röhnfried company is regarded as a pioneer in performance-oriented nutrition and a partner in problem solving around sport and breeding.
Always focusing on the health, performance and vitality of the animals, Röhnfried benefits from the know-how of recognised breeders, biologists and veterinarians.

Use biocidal products carefully. Always read the label and product information before use

Technical Information

Product Type Liquid
Size 1 Litre
Shipping Group M