Ornithosis Complex:

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Ornithosis Complex:


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Product Description

If you have any of the below symptoms or concerns in your loft/aviary please get in touch with our Avian specialist team under the care of Dr Henk De Weerd and Dr. Domien van Acker. We are available for all your questions concerning the medical guidance & Dispensary of required prescription medication.

Contact our UK Avian Veterinary Clinic:

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 0116 4821739

Ornithosis Complex:

Illness of the upper respiratory tract.

  • Picking of feathers

  • Dirty noses

  • Scratching head

  • Blue flesh

  • Red throat

  • Swollen heads

  • Yawning

  • One eye cold

  • Rattling

  • Wet eyes

  • Inflamed third eyelid (expecially in young pigeons)

  • Snot

Once both old and young birds have started their training and racing program they are likely to develop an ornithosis problem, showing symptoms of swollen or puffed feathers around the ears, dry plumage, blue flesh and a holt on the moult. 60% of young birds will develop ornithosis problems resulting in an increase of losses. The pigeons will get home very tired after racing, when showing these symptoms pigeons must be directly treated with a combination of prescribed treatments and should be kept home in more severe cases for at least 1 week to avoid even bigger losses.

Contact our UK Avian Veterinary Clinic Department:

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 0116 4821739

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